7 Things That Will Make Your Next Speech or Presentation Better

Have you ever listened to a speech or presentation and at the end you struggled to remember what was said or why you attended the event in the first place? I have. Maybe you have been the presenter that left your audience asking themselves why they bothered to turn up. I have.

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In todays fast changing world, one of the demands of your audience as you speak and make presentations is that you give them something to remember and something to make their lives better.

Speaking is a means of communicating a message. Messages that are remembered always have something that resonates with the listener and something that brings a challenge to change.

Even when your speech is to inform or to entertain, it will make a difference to your audience if your message carries with it the seed of life change. How do you do this?

Why You Should Stop Thinking And Start Doing

As someone who makes the consistent effort to publish one blog post a week, one of the biggest obstacle I have to overcome is what is described as ‘writer’s block’ . This is a condition experienced by writers wherein the flow of words is slowed down and creativity is stifled.

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Then the mind kicks in and starts to tell me how bad my writing is and how no one is leaving comments on my blog.

I can allow the mind to dictate what happens or I can simply stop thinking and start writing.

The mind seems to get in the way of everything.

So what other areas of your life have you placed barriers simply because of your thinking? Let me help you with some.